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Odia Calendar 2020

The odia calendar 2020 has monthly calendar of kohinoor press odia calendar and panjika, biraja odia calendar and panjika, bhagyadeep odia calendar, radharaman odia calendar, bhagyajyoti odia calendar and bhagyachakra odia calendar for the year 2020 in odia language with high quality HD image format. This is a calendar usefull for odia people staying in odisha and outside odisha.

odia calendar june 2020

odia calendar june 2020

The Odia calendar is a solar calendar used in India and more specific to the state of Odisha. The Odia calendar is also known as Oriya calendar consists of six seasons, twelve months, seven-days week as used by many other calendars. The day begins and ends at sunrise in the odia calendar, unlike in the gregorian calendar, where the day starts at midnight. There are many variants of odia calendar is used in diffrent parts of Odisha. The Odia calendars and panjika have been included in this website are in high quality image format, you can download all those for free of cost. Some of the common and popular calendars are published in this website are:
1. Kohinoor Odia Calendar
2. Biraja Odia Calendar
3. Radharaman Odia Calendar
4. Bhagyadeep Odia Calendar
5. Bhagyajyoti Odia Calendar
6. Bhagyachakra Odia Calendar


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