Odia Panji - 20 November 2018

Tithi : Ekadashi
Yoga : Vajra
Sakabda : 1940
Pakhya : Shukla
Karana : Bava
Samvat : 2075
Nakhetra : Uttara Bhadra
Rashi (Chandra) : Meena
San : 1425

Odia Festivals - November 2018

#1. Kali Puja
06 November, 2018

Kali Puja is a festival dedicated to the Hindu goddess Kali, celebrated on the new moon day of the Hindu month Kartika.

#2. Deepabali
07 November, 2018

Deepabali is the Hindu festival of lights, which is celebrated every autumn in the northern hemisphere. Diwali symbolises the spiritual "victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance".

#3. Bhatru Ditya
09 November, 2018

Bhatru Ditya is a festival celebrated by Hindus of the Indian subcontinent on the second lunar day of Shukla Paksha in the Vikram Samvat Hindu calendar or of Shalivahan Shaka calendar month of Kartika.

#4. Sisu Dibas
14 November, 2018

Sisu Dibas is celebrated across India to increase awareness of the rights, care and education of children. It is celebrated on 14 November every year on the birth anniversary of the first Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru.

#5. Rasa Purnima
23 November, 2018

Kartika Purnima is a Hindu festival celebrated on the Purnima. It is believed that Krishna and Radha danced rasa and Krishna worshipped Radha on this day.

#6. Bali Jatra
23 November, 2018

Bali Jatra literally means A Voyage to Bali. This festival is held in Odisha, in the city of Cuttack at Gadagadia Ghata of the Mahanadi river, to mark the day when ancient Sadhabas would set sail to distant lands of Bali, as well as Java, Sumatra, Borneo, and Sri Lanka for trade and cultural expansion.

#7. Chadakhai
24 November, 2018

Chadakhai is a well-known odia festival which comes and is celebrated after the month of kartika. Chada khai meaning the big feast after the whole one month of conditional food habbits.

#8. Prathamastami
30 November, 2018

Prathamastami is a rite held in Odisha for the life and prosperity of the eldest child who is offered a lighted lamp ovation by the senior female relatives followed by elaborate rituals during which the Mantras are recited.

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